My Riding Mower Won’t Move- What Is Wrong with It?

Man cutting grass

It happens to the best of us. You decide to trim your lawn to perfect, and when you get ready to start work- your lawn mower develops a mind of its own. It just won’t move!
Frankly, it’s frustrating and puzzling when your riding mower won’t move. A riding lawn mower is essential for many homeowners, streamlining the lawn maintenance task.
It’s crucial to know what to do when your lawn mower encounters issues preventing it from functioning properly. Luckily, you’ve got us! This …

Vertical Farming for Food Security

In the last two decades, world food costs have risen by an average of 2.6 percent each year. Rising food prices are adequate proof that traditional agriculture is failing. Research shows that 64% of developing countries are commodity-dependent, and 60% of leafy greens worldwide are from three countries only.
If these trends continue, it will not only jeopardize our basic quality of life by diverting more spare funds to food, but it will also undermine our overall food security.
Vertical farming, a technology-driven agricultural paradigm, may offer a means of addressing agriculture production and food security in the next …

Developing Urban Agriculture

With rising urban populations and an unreliable market system and food supply chain, we ought to develop a more sustainable and secure way to grow and deliver food to our society.
Our farms employ community-based greenhouses integrated with sustainable vertical farming tools to assist cities all around the planet produce significant amounts of food.
We have established a new benchmark for urban development and urban farming. With our indoor vertical farms, we hope to increase local food accessibility, city sustainability, and income development, allowing the society and its future to thrive.
We understand how critical …

Indoor Vertical Farming as a Service

Since its inception, Home Grown Farm has been the market leader in indoor vertical farming. We optimize growth using one-of-a-kind aeroponics that uses up to 90% less water and zero chemicals.
At our company, horticulture intertwines with biology, engineering, food hygiene, machine learning, and feeding practices. This offers us the fantastic opportunity to explore plant biology in ways never recognized before.
Our commercial farms are designed for year-round production, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, regardless of the season or weather. We have cultivated over 500 different …