Sell Your Fresh Products

Our hydroponic vertical farming system can sustainably cultivate a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. This allows merchants, distributors, and suppliers to expand, increase their operations effectively, and provide tasty, safe, and healthy horticulture food to their customers throughout the year.

Cater to Your Shopper’s Needs

You can adapt to the newest trends, create leafy green mixtures exclusive to your company, and even grow fresh basil during a drought. Our technology serves as a blank slate for local food productivity and innovation.

You may now have a vertical farm beside your stores and important distribution networks. This obviously reduces spoiling risks while eliminating the need for shipments. The added benefit is that your product will be more flavorful, healthier, and cleaner than the competition.

Contribute to Economic Growth

With Home Grown Far, it will not be that difficult to become a store respected for upholding high standards of consumer safety, food hygiene, and great community contribution.

With our farm, you can create new employment while positioning your shop as a key contributor to economic progress in your neighborhood. Our farmers and food safety specialists will teach your staff to make the healthiest and best possible food solutions for your customers. 

Grow More Produce Efficiently

Our farms are five times more efficient and have five times less initial expenditures than other startup costs. We achieve this by using energy-saving equipment and sunlight. Our technology is environmentally conscious as it uses 99% sunlight, 98% less water, 99% less land, and zero food waste.

It is a significantly more sustainable model, with 30 staff per nursery, each earning a living income and receiving benefits. Despite this, our nurseries can quickly generate a profit, even after the staff expenses.