Food Safety

It is no surprise that one of the primary elements to help progress indoor farming is food safety. Food safety awareness and worker health provisions should be the norm in modern agricultural and urban agribusiness.

We are delighted to be teaching the next wave of vertical farmers how to cultivate a sustainable culture in our hydroponic farm systems. Our efforts are focused on complying with modern food laws and regulations and the criteria of the GFSI Standard.

We strictly comply with food policies and guidelines and adhere to the highest standards. This provides our merchants and consumers confidence that we will provide healthy and safe food that will exceed their expectations. This also helps us lower the risk of worker health outbreaks, food-borne diseases, and pest infestations.

Day-to-Day Testing and Auditing

Our farm management and food safety team of experts conduct daily testing on our vertical produce to cultivate the highest quality product possible.

We believe we are the agricultural industry’s leader in food safety and environmental safety and health. With comprehensive food safety procedures and full transparency from seedling to packaging, we have incorporated unparalleled levels of food safety into our agricultural operations.

Our daily testing and internal audit ensures:

  • Pest and contamination management
  • Purchased materials management
  • Continuous cleaning and sanitizing
  • Monitoring of utilities like the supply of water, air, and energy

Our Food Safety Culture

We have developed a customized, innovative indoor growing technique with sophisticated controls to ensure unrivaled quality. Our advanced custom lighting setups, computerized nutrition delivery system, and specialized HVAC design contribute to our fully-controlled ecosystem.

We encourage best practices, continual training, and education throughout our corporation, and not only in our food safety team. Our food safety procedures include staff and employee hygiene facilities, compliance review, and updated greenhouse management quality assurance.

We can produce all year long, regardless of temperature or weather, while using zero pesticide, herbicides, or insecticides and achieving unparalleled levels of food safety. Our leafy greens are healthy and ready to eat right out of the package, with no need for washing.