Non-GMO, The Future of Farming

As the world’s health has become a major concern, various initiatives have been implemented to make better meals for people. People have also prioritized making the food manufacturing process more environmentally friendly.
What is GMO?
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants, animals, or microbes whose genetic composition has been altered in a facility using genetic modification. As a result, GMOs are entities that do not exist in nature.
People are becoming increasingly interested in natural foods, and non-GMO foods are essential for world health. Farmers have solved these challenges …

A Simple Guide to Hydroponic Growing Media

Plants grow in water on a hydroponic farm compared to traditional farming, where plants grow on soil. However, because hydroponic farmers do not have access to traditional soil as a growth medium, they might become perplexed as to which growing medium is appropriate for their operations.
Coconut coir, mineral wool, and peat are the most popular media alternatives. We will go through these and other points farther down.

Understanding Hydroponic Lights and How They Work

There is no denying that lights make our lives beautiful and contemporary existence possible. Lights take on additional significance for individuals who operate in the hydroponic agricultural industry.
Plants cannot grow in the absence of enough illumination. And because various plants have varying light requirements, understanding how hydroponic lights work is critical.
Plants Grow Lights
The lamps used in hydroponic agriculture are not ordinary soft whites. Instead, …

Tips for Reducing Food Recalls to Prevent Food Wastage

The number of FDA recalls has been dropping in recent years, but there is still a lot that needs to be done to lower the number each year. Some of the causes for food recalls are downright terrifying.
When there is a food recall in the headlines, or a foodstuff is destroyed before it ever reaches supermarket shelves, it results in massive volumes of food waste.
You do not want your hard work as a grower to go to waste, do you? But what can you do to avoid becoming the next person on the list? Find out below.
Control Your Farm’s Environment
The most efficient strategy to prevent the sort of …