Hydroponic Produce Packed with Flavor

The food we buy at the grocery store is often cultivated from facilities that employ chemicals to keep the land and its crops viable.  Hydroponic food is distinguished by the fact that it is grown entirely without the need for soil or big outdoor spaces. With our vertical farming technology, green retain their nutritional value for longer. We cultivate delicious and flavorful fruits and vegetables all the time and deliver fresh vegetables to consumers quickly.
Hydroponic farms make it easier and faster to bring freshly grown vegetables to consumers’ plates. Such farms may even be built in any environment or structure since …

Hydroponic Systems

Our vertical farm is not just any regular hydroponic greenhouse. With agricultural technologies and customizable greenhouse systems, you can grow vast amounts of local products in a safe, sustainable, and efficient manner.
Our Greenhouses
Our greenhouses are built to help you grow and harvest over 50 varieties of produce. We have developed vertical farming technology that can provide the ideal balance of ventilation, nutrients, moisture, and hydration. This makes it possible to grow a wide range of fresh produce, from lettuce to berries to jalapenos, that are preservative-free and non-GMO.
Our micro-…

Vertical Greenhouse Farming

Vertical farming, as opposed to horizontal farming, involves growing and harvesting crops on elevated shelves. Vertical farmers may grow substantially more crops on the same amount of surface with this technology, thus saving up on land space.
On our vertical farming methods, we grow crops in stacked plant containers within tower-like platforms. These towers are essentially hydroponic systems intended to generate the ideal microclimate and enable farmers to produce any crops they like throughout the year.
Vertical farming technique, however, requires controlled temperature, light, and moisture management to be productive. Our…