We are creating a local food system, and to do it right, we need all the stakeholders involved. Therefore we have created two special types of membership; one just for local producers, and the other for the people supporting them.

We are a not-for-profit member-owned cooperative.You don’t have to be a member to shop with us, but you’ll want to consider it for all the benefits.

Homegrown Local Food Cooperative is a Florida Producer’s Cooperative with the mission to support the production, promotion and distribution of locally grown, organic foods throughout Florida. We have developed a unique hybrid cooperative model, marrying many of the typical forms and functions of a producer cooperative with that of a typical grocery/consumer cooperative business model. Regionally we support organic farms and artisan producers located all around the State of Florida. Locally, here in the greater Orlando area, we support Central Florida residents who want access to buy locally grown organic foods.

Patron Membership

a strategic, socially conscious investment opportunity.

Any Floridian is welcome to join our Cooperative as a member owner. Our individual community owners, making retail purchases, are called Patron Members. This name and membership category inside our Producer Cooperative is meaningful as we collectively reject the notion, and dangers, of consumer culture.

Fully Vested Patron Membership into Homegrown Co-op is a one-time investment of $200. We also offer recurring billing payment plans toward this goal for an affordable rate of $45 paid annually for five years. Select one of the two Patron Membership types below to begin the registration process.

Click the link below to download and fill out our Patron Membership Application:



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