Homegrown Local Food Cooperative is your resource for locally grown organic produce, pastured eggs and meats, raw dairy, honey and a variety of artisanal goods for the home and garden.  

Homegrown goods are available every week through our Signature Online Farmer's Market.  Simply log in, shop and pick-up your local goods at our boutique farm store on Orange Avenue where Ivanhoe and Health Villages connect.

Our local Farmer's list what's growing each week and you get to pick what farm fresh goodies you want and, they are harvested just for you!

Our local Artisans cook and prepare to order what you have requested.

Quality and transparency are important at Homegrown, and you can shop with ease, knowing that we are looking out for the best tasting, healthiest, most nutritionally packed, unadulterated, local food available.  At Homegrown our goal is to source the best quality food grown as close to home as possible.

Our produce is grown without pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers and never from GMO seeds!  Our animal products come from animals who are treated humanely and do not receive routine hormones or antibiotics.  Our artisanal  food products are made without preservatives or artificial ingredients.  Our artisanal home products are made without parabens or sulfates.  Our garden products come from our local organic farmers.  

Each product listed at our Online Farmer's Market is identified by the farm, kitchen or craftsman who is creating the unique offering.  To learn more about our Producers, visit the Producers section.


Online Farmer's Market Hours:
Tuesday at 9am through Friday at 9am

Boutique Farm Store Hours:
Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4:00pm and Monday from 2:00pm until 7:00pm


We accept cash, check, ebt and all major credit cards. 

Here are some nice things people have said about us!


"Ever since I shifted my relationship with food and my community, I recognized the importance of what I feed my body and where it comes from. The Homegrown Co-op not only provides me with access to high quality produce, herbs, plants, and other various sustainable products grown and produced locally, she also comes with a warm and welcoming energy produced by her dedicated staff, volunteers, and members. " -Jason, Product Development Coordinator


"We love Homegrown! Eat your veggies. They are good for you." -Kim & Gina


“So easy to buy local fresh food to support local farmers. Order online pickup on the weekend then make awesome food! I made killer chicken soup with all co-op purchases. Non gmo chicken, celery, onions, carrots, chickpeas! Get in here, do something new that's good for your body and your community! Feed your family good healthy natural food!” -Cindy, Bank VP & Controller


"I love Homegrown! I order every week (when I'm in town)! Support local & organic!" -Hilary, Event Planner & Translator


"I love come here, y'all are so friendly and quick, and I really enjoy seeing the seasons box and finding new things to feed my family." -Andrea B. 


“Why do I order a customized collection of local, freshly picked, organically grown food each week from a responsible non-profit that gives me an opportunity to participate in the choices made with my membership?  Why not?  You can't get any better than that - I get what I want of what is in season here, not in South America.  I'm supporting the local economy directly by choice, not legislation. I get the highest nutrition possible because it was growing 24-48 hours before. The food is produced with the best farming practices possible. And I am there each week.  I know the wonderful people who work and volunteer there.  I am a volunteer because I know how much this is needed in our community.  What more can we ask for?” -Susan, Life Coach


"I love Homegrown Co-op!" -Peggy, Author


"I order from Homegrown because the products are sourced locally and I know that I  am supporting the livelihood of the local farmers with every dollar I spend. Not to mention purchasing local food means less miles traveled and more of my dollars stay in the local community where I live." -Jessica, Naturalist


"I order from Homegrown because I like being connected to the farmers who grow my food.  I know the produce I eat every week is  seasonal, chemical free and locally grown by my neighbors.  Tom at Sundew Gardens introduced me to sorrel, which is one of my favorite greens and the pineapples from Grower Jim are the best I've ever had!  I want my food dollars to go to supporting these fabulous farmers so they can keep on saving the world one harvest at a time.  Thanks Homegrown for connecting me with real food!" -Amy, Holistic Nutrition Educator and Nutritionally Focused Natural Chef


“Homegrown provides the freshest, highest quality, chemical-free food available anywhere in Central Florida.  I love knowing that the produce I order is harvested for me personally the day before I pick it up!” -Mark, Business Executive


"Very friendly and helpful with everyone we talked to. We will be spreading the word! The operational area was very clean and inviting. Susan explained everything in detail and Bailey was helpful in carrying our purchases to our car. Hope to see you all again soon! The recommendation of the Dandelion Communitea Café was awesome. Thanks ever so much." -Dr Judith Treschuk and Leo


"Incredibly wonderful people selling fresh and healthy food- what more is there to say?" -Pam


"Love these guys!" -Naomi, Ruby Developer


"The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It was my first visit and I felt like they cared about the experience and that I was happy. I will definitely be joining this co-op." -First time shopper


"Everything ordered was fresh and delicious. The avocados last week were perfect. I slice and put them on the Old Hearth bread. The Danish are fresh and delicate. You definitely taste better ingredients." -Alison


“I place an order every week at the co-op because I care about where my food comes from and how it's grown. It's also produce that's in-season and freshly picked, so it tastes better than anything you can find at a regular supermarket. Additionally, it keeps my money in our local economy and helps to support local businesses and farmers.” -Craig, Editor & Show Promoter


“I love the fact that I can get fresh, local produce at a fair price.  It is also a pleasure to be a part of the Home Grown community where I can commune with like-minded people.”  -Pam, Graphic Designer


"I love that fact that I have shaken hands with many of my food producers! Just last week I met another farmer that provides the avocados I often eat. It is an absolute gift to know where my food comes from and how it came to be, and Homegrown Local Co-op has made that possible. Not only is the co-op where I shop, but it is also where I seek community and feel completely at home. It is an important part of my life on so many levels!!"  -Jessica, Health and Wellness Guide


"I love that the staff remembers me and are so friendly!" SJ


“Fresh, local, affordable, and the best tasting produce, coffee, honey, and pretty much everything else, in town!” Elena, Interior Designer


“I am now an official member of Homegrown Local Food Cooperative and couldn't be happier! GREAT food, great products, PHENOMENAL people - from farmers to staff & other members. A GREAT way to support local producers and get great nutrition at the same time! THANK YOU!” -Joanna, Life Coach


“Getting fresh food that hasn't been shipped hundreds or thousands of miles isn't only great for the environment, it also means that you'll be better defended against allergies, be generally healthier, have less chance of contaminates, and the food will last longer! You'll be impressed by just how much we can get in our own state. Friendly staff that are always willing to help, and delicious food. What more can you ask for?” Jesse, Vegan Chef


“Just picked up my first order and everything is flawlessly fresh. They were exceptional with switching stuff around based on my allergy and accidental duplicate order. Plus, with the seasonal box I'm getting stuff I'm not used too and Amy was excellent with recipe ideas and quick explanations.” Stephany


“I'm a member of a central Ohio food co-op down here on vacation. Its wondrous to find this one in my travels. Its affirming to know there are others joining the food fight! Love the strawberries!” Bradley